Welcome Back

Hello, and welcome to Douchebag Report.

If you’re a first-timer, this site was (and is) a venue to report upon those that had lied, cheated, or stolen in the face of those that know better and definitely expect more.

We’ve always targeted politicians on both sides of the political spectrum, as we’ve also highlighted the asinine antics of those in the same spotlight.

We also like to do all of the above with all the truth, a bunch of sarcasm, and a lot of audio / video antics. We promise not to lie, but to expose the truth (again), but in the format that you had loved before.

If you’re a second timer, see above — we’ve rebooted — and we’re starting over. Some of the old contributors, along with new ones. We’ve also scrapped the confusing interface and have moved to a more traditional ‘blog’ format.

We welcome contributions, comments, hate mail, and anything not listed so far.

Welcome (back)!

-Ed. and pals